Innovating entertainment for future generations, Connecting Audiences and Building Fan Bases.”


Outrageous & Unorthodox 

Content Creator & Intellectual Property Owner

We have a Social obligation to be a ghetto celebrity, connect with audiences, and build fan bases in the hood. 

Our Mission is to create life tools to inspire the world. 

I believe in myself and the value of our product.

I promise to present a spectacular vernacular that is profound without profanity.  

I stand by our product and I don’t doubt you will to. 

I invite you to engage because you are an extension to the Xecellence brand. 

“I learn from my mistakes, I’m moving forward towards my success.” 

~SiRr Xecellence



Value & Benefits

Content Creation

Song Writing

Entertainment Services

Event Hosting

Stage Management 

Motivational Speaking



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